How to Write Magnetic Content

Magnetic ContentWhat is magnetic content?

Magnetic content is one of the most important parts of building your business. Your content is what attracts visitors to your website and then entices them want to stay there when they arrive. And the longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely they are to become a customer.

So how do you decide what to write compelling content about?

Of course, the first step is to write about what you already know. But if you’re stuck for a topic to write about, one of the best methods is to look at the content already out there about your topic. Try to find authority sites, such as Ezinearticles, Wikipedia, or popular forums in your niche. They are the most likely to have a lot of content about your subject.

Then take note of the main points being discussed and the questions being asked. This will give you an idea of what to write about.

Pay particular attention to the questions being asked. For instance, in golf forums a lot of people might be asking how to hit the ball farther. If that’s the case, than you would probably want to give a solution to this problem.

Another idea is to read sales letters related to your topic, and see the main benefits being emphasized. This can be a springboard to give you ideas to write about.

How do you answer the questions?

One option is to locate answers online, then add your own knowledge and experience. But if you can answer the questions through your own knowledge of the topic, that is the best approach. If you can tell a story about how you overcame the problem yourself, people are going to trust you more. Telling your story is always a great credibility booster. It enables people to relate to you and feel that you know exactly what they are going through. This is why picking a topic you have knowledge of can be a better approach.

Whether from your own knowledge or starting with content you find online, write your answers in a simple and systematic way. Don’t overload them with information, and don’t just include random, disjointed tips. Instead, provide the answer in a step by step format to make it easy to follow.

And although you want to write systematically, always write from your own particular viewpoint and from your heart. Dare to be controversial, even – as long as you can back up your position with logic. Encourage interaction from your readers, so they want to share with their connections, and those people can learn about your site and want to visit.

Remember, the success of your business is in direct proportion to the number of people you help. And the best way to help people is to first identify their problems, and then provide a clear solution. This is what will attract people to your site.

Your turn! What are ways you’ve found that have attracted visitors to your site?

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