5 Tips for Getting (and Keeping!) Clients

Tips for Getting ClientsGetting – and keeping – clients is paramount to the success of your business. To do this involves letting your clients know they are appreciated so they will become evangelists and tell their colleagues about you.

Here are Five Quick Tips for Getting and Keeping More Clients

#1. Ask your Clients for Referrals

There’s nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, customers are often happy to refer you to others, they just need to be reminded to do so. And, if you can create a referral program where your current clients receive a discount or credit for your services, then all the better.

#2. Be a Consummate Professional

If you’re an excellent person to work with, you’ll keep your clients, even if your rates are a bit higher or your timeline a little bit longer than your competitors. The truth is, we place a high value on our business relationships, at least the clients you want to work with do. And if you can build a strong relationship with your clients, you’ll keep them for the long haul. They’ll also talk about you, and word of mouth is a great, and free, marketing tool.

#3. Communicate with your Clients on a Regular Basis

If you regularly connect with your clients, you stay in the front of their mind when they, or someone they know, have a need for your product or service. There are two approaches to regular client communication:

  • Send your list an email once a month, or more often if you like, providing great content, or offering a discount or free resource.
  • Send your client a note when you’re thinking of them. For example, “I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal and thought of you.” This helps show you care and it’s a great way to stay connected.

#4. Get Out There and Get Noticed!

Participate in social networking; blog and be a guest blogger; create videos and articles. Generate awareness about you and your services. One new client can turn into thousands of dollars over the course of a year and they can refer other clients.

#5. Be Helpful

Be willing to help and inform others in your community even when there isn’t any apparent reward. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, when you give to others, they give back. Help others by providing insight, information and a listening ear when they need it without expecting anything in return. If your client is trying to resolve an issue and you can help them with your experience, help them. They’ll appreciate it and you never know when they’ll be able to return the favor.

Much of the art of keeping clients has to do with building relationships, and it’s also intricately linked with getting new clients. Word of mouth from satisfied clients is a wonderful way to fill your schedule with your ideal clients and projects. Connect!

What are some of the ways you make your clients feel appreciated and keep them coming back to you for your products or services? Please add a comment below!

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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6 Responses to 5 Tips for Getting (and Keeping!) Clients

  1. Extremely relevant content. It is a great checklist to obtaining and keeping clients.

  2. Rick Cooper says:

    Great blog post Deidre! I love what you said about Getting Out There and Getting Noticed. I’m a firm believer in leveraging social media to attract clients.

    • Deidra Miller says:

      Thanks, Rick! I think the key is combining getting out there on social media and live, whether in person such as networking and live seminars, and virtually such as doing webinars.

  3. Dan DeVere says:

    Nice job Deirdre, Doing all of these things all the time is a sure key to success. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Deidra Miller says:

      Thanks, Dan, for your comment! Yes, and I might have added to create a schedule for making sure all the items get done on a regular basis!

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