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4 Body Language Secrets for Effective Communication

“I don’t let my mouth say nothin’ my head can’t stand.” ~Louis Armstrong Effective communication has a lot to do with understanding body language. In 1970, Julius Fast talked about a new science called Kinesics in his book Body Language. … Continue reading

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10 Keys to Building Better Customer Relationships

Your business’s relationship with its clients and customers is extremely important to its success. If you can make them feel valued from the first time you interact with them, there’s a much better chance that they’ll keep buying your products and services. Here are 10 tips to building strong relationships with your clients and customers. Continue reading

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The Power of Following Up to Keep Your Contacts Engaged – Part 1

Following Up Consistently and with Love Tony Robbins said, “Success comes from taking the initiative and following up… persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your love.” I think this is a great way to think of following up, that it’s … Continue reading

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