How to Establish Trust in Your Business

TrustTrust may be the most important value in any business’ code of conduct. Trust is an often overlooked value, getting less attention than it should. That’s a mistake, because trust is the lubricant that makes the wheels of commerce turn. Without trust, there are no sales. Why? People will not buy a product from an organization that they do not trust. It’s that simple. If you don’t establish trust with your clients, then you will not profit from those clients. No profits and you soon have no business. That’s how important trust is. It could make the difference between surviving and growing or going down in flames.

Here are two important ways your business can leverage already existing assets into increased trust (which will lead to increased profitability).

Your Website

Your website is very often the first way that most potential customers get introduced to your business. First impressions are extremely important. You’ll only get one chance to wow a new potential client with your website. If they don’t like what they see or they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll be gone for good. Make sure that your website is beautiful to look at and easy to use. If you do you’ll attract more visitors and keep a higher percentage of the visitors you do attract to your site.

Additionally, use your website as the first opportunity to build trust with the people visiting. Make sure the language you use is warm and inviting. Place your mission statement or code of values in a prominent place. Reinforce those values by talking directly to the visitors about how the values influence your relationship with your customers. In short, do all you can to make them feel that they are the most important part of your business.

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Your Product or Service

Your business is the products or services you provide. If your product or service is less than stellar, yet you claim it is top of the line, you will immediately lose the trust of each and every customer who purchases from you. In addition, every one of those dissatisfied customers will let the world know that your business is the cause of their dissatisfaction. Don’t let this happen. Make sure that your product and services are of the highest quality possible.

When you give your customers the best efforts that you can, you send them a message that they are important. This, in turn, causes them to invest even more trust in you and your business.

What ways do you use to establish trust in your business? Please comment below.

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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