Why Should You Make Customer Service a Priority?

Customer Service Priority

Every business is reliant on their customers to stay alive, and so it follows that keeping those customers happy is crucial for long-term survival. One way to accomplish that is focusing on delivering world-class customer service.

Prioritizing customer service is one of the best ways to separate your business from your competitors. Say a customer has the choice to buy a product or service from your company that provides excellent customer service, or another company that’s known for being difficult to deal with. Even if your company has a slightly higher price, many customers are going to pick you anyway, because of the peace of mind your great customer service gives them.

Here are some guidelines for making customer service a priority in your business.

Before and After

Customer service is important both before and after the sale takes place. Before the sale it’s all about trying to figure out the needs of that particular customer and offer them the best possible solution, and after the sale it’s a matter of following up, responding to any questions they have, and making sure they’re happy with your product or service.

Failing to provide a good level of customer service will almost inevitably lead to angry, frustrated customers who are not likely to come back and buy more. It is also possible that they will tell all their friends about the experience, meaning they probably won’t become customers either. That’s how dangerous it can be to ignore customer service – it can have a significant impact on revenue.

Positive Feelings

Great customer service is all about making the customer associate your business with positive feelings. The easiest way to ensure that happens is to make every interaction pleasurable and (if possible) memorable. The next time they’re in the market to buy what you’re selling, chances are they’re going to buy from the company that gave them such a good feeling.

Your turn: What other ways do you make customer service a priority in your business?

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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