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8 Ways to Ensure Your Website Has Credibility

When it comes to convincing or motivating purchases, you can’t go wrong with credibility. When you’re believable and trustworthy, people will be more inclined to want to work with you. Your website is the hub of your online presence and … Continue reading

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How a Sitemap Helps Visitors and Search Engines Navigate Your Website

What is a Sitemap, Anyway? As the name implies, a sitemap literally acts as a map of your website. It lists the pages on your website and creates a link to each one. So Why is a Sitemap so Important … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Getting traffic to your website is crucial to the success of your business. If no one is seeing your content, what’s the point in creating it? A healthy flow of traffic will increase your visibility and enable you to increase … Continue reading

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How to Establish Trust in Your Business

Trust may be the most important value in any business’ code of conduct. Trust is an often overlooked value, getting less attention than it should. That’s a mistake, because trust is the lubricant that makes the wheels of commerce turn. … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Get More Referrals to Your Website

Getting referrals to your website is one of the biggest keys to attracting new customers. Most businesses don’t take advantage of this like they should.

The great thing about it is that it doesn’t require any additional expense on your part. And if your prospects or customers provide word of mouth advertising, this will give you more credibility. This is because what others say about you matters more than what you say.

So how do you increase your referrals? This blog lists six of the best ways. Continue reading

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Great Idea for Your About Me Page

Having an attention-getting and informative About Me page on your website is a great way to help your visitors decide that they want to contact you. It helps them feel like they know you better and maybe have something in … Continue reading

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