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Five Reasons Why You Need a Customer Relationship Management Service

I stress to all my clients that the first step in getting your contacts organized is to sign up with a customer relationship management (CRM) service. The first one is a specific but important reason, but I had an actual … Continue reading

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Save Time and Increase Productivity

We entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. The more productive you can be, the better for your bottom line, because as we all know, time is money. Unfortunately, productivity can take a back seat to … Continue reading

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Does Your Inbox Make You Feel Like Mickey Mouse?

Does your email inbox make you feel like Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? Are you overwhelmed by how many emails you have and you feel like you’re drowning in them? Here’s a technique I find very helpful that will … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Help Keep Your Business Organized

Time is crucial in running your own business because time means money. Keeping your business organized is one of the best ways to insure you make the most of your time. I’ll be covering each of these topics in more … Continue reading

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