Four Ways to Fuel Your Passion and Your Customers’ Emotions

Appeal to Clients' PassionWhen you’re passionate and excited about how your business can make a difference and help others, that will shine through. Showing your passion will help you connect with your customers emotionally, and have you all jumping for joy!

Most of us humans are emotional buyers. We just can’t help being drawn to someone who is so enthusiastic about their business that it’s contagious. One of my clients loves his business so much, he doesn’t consider it work, he’s just doing what he’s passionate about!

Even if we’re doing something that we were passionate about in the beginning, and still love doing, the “honeymoon phase” can wear off and we often find ourselves settling into a routine that can stifle that passion.

Here are 4 Ways to Let Your Passion Shine and Appeal to Your Clients’ Emotions

1. Keep Innovating with New Ideas

If you’re feeling stale with what you’ve been doing, spend some time brainstorming about new ways to help your audience and grow your business: new services, programs or products, improved ways to do what you’ve always been doing that will generate better results.

Review your goals and where you want to go. Deciding on a new direction with new priorities can certainly bring back the excitement.

2. Surround Yourself with a Great Team

Many very successful people say they attribute their success to the great team they have working with them. If you’re spending too much time on running the business part of the business and not on the revenue-generating activities that fuel your passion, your passion is bound to fade. Build a team who are smarter in those skills that are necessary but that you aren’t as strong in aren’t what you enjoy doing.

3. Change Your Perspective

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, try and replace those with happy, positive thoughts. If you’re feeling lonely and isolated, get out and be with like-minded people: go to in-person networking events, seminars and workshops. Or simply take a break: go for a walk, or give yourself a fun reward for having accomplished a goal or task.

4. Tell Your Personal Stories

Tell your prospects and customers about your personal past experiences. Let them know you have struggled with the same problems they’re facing, and tell them how you overcame them. Telling your stories will not only help increase your customers’ and prospects’ perception of you as an expert, but it might lead you to new insights about yourself, both of which can ignite your passion.

If you can implement these ideas for building and keeping your passion, then you are well on your way to creating a customer base that is as passionate about your business as you are.

Your turn: What are other ways you keep your passion alive?

Deidra Miller
Administrative Consultant


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2 Responses to Four Ways to Fuel Your Passion and Your Customers’ Emotions

  1. Have a solid WHY to keep your passion alive!

    • Deidra Miller says:

      That’s a great one, Tom, thanks! If we’ve forgotten our WHY, we should spend some time thinking about it to rekindle it!

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