Does Your Inbox Make You Feel Like Mickey Mouse?

Does your email inbox make you feel like Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

Full Email Inbox-Blog 1-29-14Are you overwhelmed by how many emails you have and you feel like you’re drowning in them? Here’s a technique I find very helpful that will magically get a handle on all those emails.

First sort them by who they’re from. That will give you a very clear picture of what you have in your inbox from each sender. Flag the ones that require immediate attention right away and keep them in the inbox. Go through and click on any spam emails and click the Spam/Junk button to get them out of the inbox and inform your email provider.

Next, quickly scan the emails from each sender to see which ones are old and can be deleted. Then move the ones you want to keep but don’t need to take action on right away into a folder using a system that makes sense to you – for example, by the person’s name, or by the action you want to take (Recordings to Listen To, Newsletters to Read, Reply Required, etc.). You’d be surprised by how many you end up getting out of your inbox that way!

Immediately take care of those urgent ones you flagged. When you are finished with them, move or delete them.

Don’t forget to go through the folders as you have time and take action on the emails there, then delete any of those you don’t need to keep.

Once you get your inbox cleared out, if you just spend a few minutes each day or every other day using this technique on the new emails, you’ll keep your inbox at a manageable size and that important one you need to take action on won’t fall through the cracks!

What tips do you have for keeping your inbox organized? Please add them in the comments below.


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