4 Tips to Help Your Customers Feel that You Understand Them

Understanding CustomersDo your customers feel that you understand them? When people feel that you understand them, they’re much more likely to listen. They’re much more likely to become fans of your business and buy. In fact, they’ll even get more value out of your service or product – because they’ll feel as if you designed it while knowing the ins and outs of their problems.

Here are 4 Ways to Help Create this Sense of Understanding

1. Share Your Story

Stories are powerful! Share your own story. Why did you get into this industry? What problems were you facing in your own life? What did that feel like? What were your greatest frustrations?

Share how you solved your own problems. Share how you packaged those solutions into a business and offered it to the world.

People want to understand why you’re presenting a solution to their pain. If they understand that you’re part of the same community, that you really understand their problems, they’re going to feel a lot more understood by you.

2. Use Their Language

What language does the industry use? In every market or industry, there are special words, phrases, expressions and jargon that people use to express themselves. Learn these words and use them in your language as well.

Learn how your ideal customers talk and talk like them. Use words and phrases they can relate to and are searching for.

3. Accurately Describe Their Problem

SocratesSocrates said, “Understanding a question is half an answer.” Let your prospects and clients know you understand their pain. If you can accurately describe someone’s problem to them, that alone is often enough to have them feel understood.

Let’s say you have an information product that’s geared towards helping people become better speakers. In order for them to feel that you understand them, you need to be able to accurately describe why they’d want such a product.

Describe what it’s like to not know how to speak effectively. Describe how it hurts the self-esteem to know you aren’t putting on your best appearance. Talk about how effective speaking can convey that they are an authority in their field.

If you can accurately describe the factual and emotional experience of having the problem they’re having, they’ll instantly feel understood by you.

4. Outline the Solutions Your Services or Product Can Provide

Now tell them specifically how you or your product will solve their problem. Mention all the benefits of using your services or product. Tell them how they will feel after realizing those benefits. Keep drilling down on the “why” until you come to the real basic benefit. For example: A person doesn’t buy a drill because they want a drill; they buy it because they want to make a hole. But they don’t just want to make a hole; maybe they want to make a hole so they can hang a picture. They want to hang a picture to make their surroundings more pleasant. You get the idea…

These tips will help you talk to your customers to they feel understood. Practice these principles and watch your customer retention, customer loyalty and overall sales soar.

Your turn: What are ways that you help your customers and prospects feel that you understand them?

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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