Did Stephen King Drive Our Shuttle Bus?

UPI Photo/ Laura Cavanaugh

Did you ever get the weird feeling that something crazy just might be true?

We took a little R&R last weekend at our timeshare condo in Las Vegas. As we boarded the resort’s shuttle to head downtown and take in the sights, I noticed our driver looked amazingly like Stephen King, whom I happen to be a big fan of.

I asked him, “Did anyone ever tell you you look like Stephen King?” He simply replied, “Yes.”

Then someone in the very party-atmosphere bus yelled out if anyone knew who had won the football game that day (it’s getting down to the wire for the Super Bowl, after all). “Steve” said he thought the Steelers won, but he was a Patriots fan himself. Now, anyone who knows anything about Stephen King knows he’s a New Englander through and through. And he had a very Maine sounding accent. Hmm, we were really starting to wonder…Could he really be Stephen King doing research for a new book? The kicker was, he said he likes to write, and could tell stories about his bus-driving experiences!

We imagined a whole Kingesque scenario where instead of driving us downtown he took us out to the middle of nowhere in the night desert and left us there to fend for ourselves with some horrible dead people attacking us, or perhaps we’d all get sucked down into the sand, bus and all, into some twisted world below!

What do you think…was he or wasn’t he?

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One Response to Did Stephen King Drive Our Shuttle Bus?

  1. Johnny Adams says:

    Well, he has been known to do research by actually doing what his characters do. So I think it WAS!

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