Benjamin Franklin, Role Model

If you were to ask me who I’d want to go back in history to meet, it would be Benjamin Franklin, hands down. His accomplishments and love of life were amazing, and he was supposed to have been great company.

I’ve been reading a very interesting and well written biography of Franklin by Walter Isaacson called Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. As I run across inspirational nuggets from the book, I’ll pass them along in future posts.

Franklin was very much into community service, and in his early 20s started a networking group of middle-class tradesmen and artisans called the Junto. They would meet once a week to discuss issues of the day, debate topics, and network to further their personal lives and careers. They followed some values that set a good example for us today:

  • Love mankind in general regardless of religion or profession
  • People should never be punished because of their opinions or mode of worship
  • Love and pursue truth for its own sake

Do you know any interesting or inspirational stories about Franklin?

And/or who in history would you like to meet, and why?

Please share:
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