How to Achieve Your Goals in Business
With Linda Shepard

June 22, 2017

For many entrepreneurs, their business is their passion. Passion drives people to work hard and put their all into their product or service. However, passion does not necessarily result in success. You need a vision and you need goals. Your business becomes accountable to the goals. People – customers, employees, investors, lenders, and suppliers – are counting on you to meet your goals.

Goals are developed by people, so they can be changed and adapted as needed, but the idea is to avoid surprises and try to plan out failure.

Join financial and operational strategist Linda Shepard and me to learn how to set and achieve your business goals!

Here's what you'll learn on the interview:

  • How to define your purpose and envision your business
  • How to define S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Tips for defining your overall goal and strategies needed to reach each goal
  • How to be aware of changes around you
  • And much more!

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About the Expert: Linda Shepard

Linda Shepard is a seasoned executive with 25 years of experience leading and advising for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations in the areas of management, strategic planning, corporate growth, budgeting, cash flow management and fundraising.  She is an innovative, creative, strategic, long-term focused, and detail oriented financial professional who delivers bottom-line improvements.

Linda received her MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and received her CPA.


About the Host: Deidra Miller

Deidra is owner of Magic Wing Administration, providing administrative consultation analyzing the administrative tasks of her clients’ businesses. She works with her clients to determine how they can best create systems to manage those tasks so they have time to focus on the revenue-generating activities they do best to grow their business. One of her main focus areas is customer relationship management.

Deidra is author of the ebook "Entrepreneur Strategies: How to Optimize Your Business" and has published several articles with

Deidra began her career in the corporate world, learning hands-on in various roles – as executive assistant, office manager and project manager. But she decided to leave that path to follow her passion and use the skills she acquired to help entrepreneurs create a business they love!