9 Point Checklist for Follow Up That’s Symphonic!

Symphony OrchestraWhen it comes to following up with contacts and clients, it takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach to create a follow-up strategy. It takes a sympathetic understanding of each customer.

There is a whole orchestra of nuances that go into making the perfect symphony that results in a successful follow-up style. The more energy you direct towards your follow up, the more targeted your results will become. Part of it will be techniques, tactics and strategies… and part of it will be good old intuition – the sort that’s born out of really knowing your customer.

Here is a checklist to help you on your path to fantastic follow up.

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1. Really know what makes your target customer tick. As in, right now, today (not a month ago).

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-162. When you invite customers to ask questions, really mean it. Give them a way to reach you – easily, without jumping through hoops.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-163. Follow up within 24 hours to make sure your customer was able to download your product and use it successfully. If you sold a physical product, allow just enough time for it to arrive; then contact the customer to make sure it did.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-164. When you send a reminder, make sure it’s courteous, and lets them know the benefit to them of the product or service.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-165. Use several social media channels to provide a further element of personal contact and follow-up content. For example, you should have a Facebook business page with all your contact information.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-166. Provide the personal touch. Not baring all, but sharing small things about yourself they can relate to. Admit mistakes so they can benefit from your experience. Laugh at yourself occasionally.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-167. Include a follow up strategy in your sales funnel. And refer to it often and implement it.

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-168. Analyze your results. Revisit and revise your methods as needed. Keep your communication “fresh.”

checkbox small-Blog 1-18-169. Follow through with your promises. Make sure you can provide the most focused and useful material as and when promised.

Thinking about everything in your checklist will not automatically make your follow-ups treble their results, but being aware of these points – and taking action when necessary – while first and foremost putting your customer in the place of honor will help you take several steps closer.

Your turn! What follow-up strategies have you found to be most effective? Please comment below.

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