5 Ways to Build Credibility, a Key to Business Success

Credibility Key to Business Success

Credibility is one of the most critical factors that will affect your business success. Being credible is simply the perception of being trustworthy and believable. Why do people buy brand name goods and services? One of the key reasons is that the brand represents a level of quality that they know and trust.

Here are Five Tips for Building Credibility for Your Business:

#1. Be Consistent

A key factor is consistency. People are more likely to trust a business or person who acts in a similar manner most of the time. McDonald’s is so successful because people know exactly what to expect from the product every time they go there.

Here are some great tips to become more consistent:

  • Ensure that all your products or services consistently provide quality and high value standards.
  • Follow through on your promises in the timeframe you promised.
  • Publish your newsletter and/or blog on a regular basis – irregular publication schedules cause confusion in the minds of your readers.

#2. Share Your Expertise

Sharing your knowledge is a useful way to build your credibility. You need to give of yourself to get trust back in return.

Here are some ways you can share your expertise:

  • Offer free valuable content, either written or via webinars.
  • Offer trial periods so the customer can get to know you and what you can do for them before they buy.
  • Participate in social media discussions. Answer questions so that people come to know and respect your knowledge.

#3. Testimonials

Testimonials can be a powerful way to generate trust in your product or service. Set up systems to solicit testimonials whenever you can. Include them on your website, landing pages, etc. Of course, always get permission to do so. Never make up testimonials to boost your credibility, as more often than not you will be caught out and be discredited.

#4. Tell Them How You Can Help Them

Don’t just state what your qualifications are on your website or promotional materials. Let your potential customers know how your expertise will provide the solution they need in a way they will understand. Take the time to walk in your customers’ shoes. This will enable you to clearly state benefits that your potential customers are looking for in a way that they will find believable.

#5. Be Responsive

Prompt delivery of what has been ordered also helps build the right impression of your business. So too does quickly responding to claims on your guarantee. Efficient business procedures that are focused on providing customer satisfaction will always help your business image and credibility. Follow through on your promises.

Strong credibility takes a long time and much effort to build. It can be destroyed quickly and sometimes can never be regained. For your business to achieve its full potential, it is important that you set standards and live by them so that you are constantly building your credibility. Remember that each thing you do in your business will affect the image of your business. Being focused on providing solutions to your customers, providing consistent quality and value for money, and being accessible will all help you achieve the credibility your business needs to succeed.

What are ways you build credibility in your business? Please post a comment below.

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

Image: cr103.com and Deidra Miller

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