5 Secrets for Attracting and Keeping Leads

Attract and Retain LeadsMany times the biggest headache for businesses has nothing to do with the products or the services offered, but due to the lack of leads and the inability to retain them. Why is it that some businesses not only can generate hundreds of leads daily but retain them for years?

Here are 5 secrets those businesses use that you can do too!

1. Keep in Touch with your Leads

It is a must to let your leads know that you still exist. Update your leads on what you are up to lately and what is your next plan. You can also offer a preview to your next products. Do this by posting blog articles or through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In essence this is to keep your leads hyped up about your business while you are preparing your next product / project for launch. Call or email your leads every 2 – 3 months so that you and your business stay fresh in their minds.

2. Be Proactive with your Current Leads

Listen to the comments and feedback of your leads on your current performance. Engage them in discussions and do something to address their concerns. Make them part of your decision making process for your next products or services.

3. Make it Personal

Your messages and blog articles need to give some personal touches to your leads. Customise your messages and engage their thoughts rather than using generic messages to thank or reply to an issue.

4. Offer Them Something They Want

Find out what kind of information they are looking for and make it available for free on your website. Consistently create new valuable content and offer it on an opt-in page dedicated to that offer.so that the reader has a clear call to action to follow. It is a free yet efficient lead generation tool. If someone reads the content on your website and likes it, they will be likely to give you their contact details in return for more educational material from you. There you go – an extra lead for today! If you consistently offer good quality materials, chances are they will come back again and again.

5. Lead Them to Your Leads Capture Page

This is a simple step yet many people do not do it. It’s not enough to just have the content available on your website. You need to let people know it’s there and how to find it. How do you let people know about your content? Share the links to your opt-in pages everywhere – in emails and newsletters, on social media, etc.

With sincerity and persistence, you will soon be able to attract leads and keep them with ease!

Your turn: What are ways you use to attract and retain leads? What other ways do you promote your lead capture pages?

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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