17 Ways to Create Catchy Blog Titles That Drive Traffic

Catchy Headlines

Brandon Gaille always creates great infographics with lots of useful information. I thought this week’s infographic was so interesting I had to pass it on. It lists 17 Ways to Create Catchy Blog Titles. Your blog titles are so important for catching¬† your readers’ attention.

Note the statistic below that’s the first one in the infographic. If your readers aren’t interested in the title, they aren’t going to read the blog.

Create Catchy Blog Titles

Some of the tips included are:

  • One effective attention grabber is to use a number at the beginning of the blog, and odd numbers seem to do a little better than even numbers
  • Make sure your headline clearly identifies what the blog is about (and from me: be sure your blog copy follows through on what the headline promises!)
  • Your headline should not seem pushy
  • Use power words to create emotion (and the infographic includes 180+ power words you should try to incorporate in your headlines)

Check out the infographic for more detail on why these tips work, and to read the rest of the ways to create catchy blog titles.

What other blog title elements have you found that have generated good response from your readers?

Deidra Miller
Administrative and Marketing Consultant

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